My First Nativity

This year Pastor Keith and I were asked to participate in the Drive-Thru Live Nativity at our church. Those organizing this event could not have known how special it was to be asked. I haven’t been asked to play Mary in a long time. After all, Mary was a teenager. That is not what madeContinue reading “My First Nativity”

Christmas Star

On the way to church, after observing the Christmas Star, I passed the life size Nativity that is displayed each year in our town. I noticed the star shinning above this scene. How familiar and fitting! I had to pull over and take a picture. The street light and neighbor’s lights made it hard toContinue reading “Christmas Star”

Ye Olde Gossip Shed

The Gossip Shed will forever be fixed in my mind. It is not the physical space that holds me captive. It is a “heart place” carved out by a deep connection that will forever be ingrained in who I am. The Gossip Shed came from a creative stroke of brilliance, and I was there toContinue reading “Ye Olde Gossip Shed”